Extended Programs

Ignite curiosity and nurture individual vision and design creativity by working with the Trust to adapt or develop a custom extended program that fits your classroom needs. Extended classroom programs include five in-class sessions and one Inquiry Based Tour at the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio or Frederick C. Robie House. Planned and instructed in collaboration between classroom teachers and Trust Educators, programs address STEAM and Common Core Standards, are differentiated for student needs and grade levels, and must be booked at least four months in advance.

Choose from the Trust’s Let’s Make Plans program, extend a single in-class design session to multiple days, or work with our educators to create something new!

The Frank Lloyd Wright Trust is a community arts partner with CPS schools. To partner with the Trust for a Creative Schools program, visit our Artlook™ Map, or contact the Education Department at 708.725.2838.

Let’s Make Plans: Designing My Neighborhood and City

 Designing My Neighborhood and City

As he began his career as a young architect in Chicago, Frank Lloyd Wright witnessed the rise of the modern American city. From its soaring early skyscrapers to the new technologies exhibited at the 1893 Columbian Exposition, Chicago offered indisputable proof of the forces shaping modern American life.

Engage your students in urban planning as they examine the different elements that make up their neighborhood and city. Students explore the careful balance between preservation, conservation, and development by designing Wright inspired buildings and creating a model neighborhood. This extended program includes 5 in-class workshop sessions and an onsite visit to the Home and Studio or Robie House. Models are created from repurposed materials.

Length: 6 sessions, 60 minutes per session
Fee: $900