• Wright's Chicago Years

    Wright's Chicago Years

    Wright’s architectural principles and ideas were forged amidst the innovative and progressive environment of late-nineteenth-century Chicago.

  • Organic Design

    Organic Design

    Developed in the 1890s when Wright was establishing his architectural practice in Chicago, this visionary design philosophy would inform Wright’s architecture throughout his career.

  • Our Historic Sites

    Our Historic Sites

    With a citywide network of historic Frank Lloyd Wright sites, the Trust offers an unparalleled experience of Wright’s Chicago.

  • John G. Thorpe Restoration Resource Center

    John G. Thorpe Restoration Resource Center

    The Trust's John G. Thorpe Restoration Resource Center is an extensive archive of resources for the conservation, restoration and preservation of historic buildings.

  • Collections


    Comprising examples of Wright’s earliest furnishings and decorative arts, along with personal effects, correspondence, and photographs, the Trust’s collections detail Wright’s formative years in Chicago.

  • Archives


    Enrich your understanding of Wright’s architecture through these significant repositories of his work.

  • Access and Interact

    Access and Interact

    Expand your experience of Wright’s Chicago through a variety of multimedia features.