Information for Guests Needing Special Assistance

The Frank Lloyd Wright Trust offers a variety of services to guests needing special assistance. Guests with special requests and needs should contact Guest Relations at 312.994.4000 prior to the day of their visit. Groups with special needs should discuss their needs with the Group Tours office at 312.994.4040 when scheduling their visit.

The Walking Tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright Historic District (Oak Park), the Historic Neighbors Self-guided Audio Tour (Hyde Park), The Rookery Tour (downtown Chicago), and Unity Temple Guided and Self-Guided Tours (Oak Park) are handicapped accessible.

The museum shops as well as the restrooms at the Home and Studio, The Rookery, Unity Temple and Robie House are handicapped accessible.

Wheelchair Access

Home and Studio

  • The Studio, including the drafting room, octagonal library, Wright’s office, the reception area and the exterior, is accessible to standard-size wheelchairs. The Trust has one standard-size wheelchair available for guests at the Home and Studio.
  • The Home is not accessible to wheelchairs of any size as all entries to the Home have stairs.
  • The Studio balcony is not accessible to wheelchairs. It it only accessible by a steep, narrow stairway.
  • Guests in wheelchairs may request to view the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio DVD, which features rooms that they may not be able to view during their visit.

Robie House

  • The exterior and ground floor of the Robie House are accessible to guests in wheelchairs.
  • The second floor, which includes the living room, dining room and kitchen, is not wheelchair accessible.
  • The Trust has one standard-size wheelchair available at the Robie House.

Unity Temple

  • Exterior, entry hall, and main floor of Unity House; main floor of sanctuary accessible with use of elevator lift.

Bach House

  • The Bach House is not accessible to wheelchairs or any sizes as all entries to the residence have stairs.


  • Walkers are permitted in all venues. All walkers will be inspected to ensure they will not damage the floors. The Frank Lloyd Wright Trust has walkers with built-in seats available on a first-come first-served basis.

Home and Studio

  • To reach the front door of the Home, guests will need to climb 5 stairs. Once inside the house, to reach the second floor, guests must walk up and then back down a narrow flight of 19 stairs.
  • The Studio is accessible via a ramp.
  • The Studio balcony is only accessible by a steep, narrow stairway.

Robie House

  • To get to the second floor of the Robie House, guests need to walk up a flight of 20 stairs.

Bach House

  • To get to the second floor of the Bach House, guests need to walk up two narrow flights of stairs, 20 steps total.

Hard of Hearing

  • Typed tour scripts, in English, with detailed descriptions are available upon request for the Home and Studio, Unity Temple, Bach House and Robie House tours.
  • Upon request, the tour guide and the hard of hearing guest also receive writing pads and pencils to ask and answer questions.
  • If a guest wishes to bring a sign language interpreter on the tour, that interpreter is not charged admission.

Visually Impaired

  • Certified service dogs and white canes are permitted on tours.
  • Small reproductions of original items displayed in the rooms can be brought out on special request for guests to touch and add to their experience.
  • If a visually impaired guest wishes to bring someone to assist them on the tour, the person providing assistance will not be charged admission.

Accessible Education Programs

The Frank Lloyd Wright Trust is committed to ensuring access to education program participants of diverse abilities and needs. Please discuss your needs when you register for a program or email to make arrangements.