Newly restored rooms of the Robie House await you! See the vivid and expansive Living Room and Inglenook, Front Entry Hall, Main Stairway, Upper Hall and Billiard Room as Wright intended them. Don't miss this rare opportunity to glimpse the final stages of restoration in rooms where the historic restoration is underway. Tours available Thursdays through Mondays. Completion of the restoration to Wright's original vision when the building was completed in 1910 is anticipated in early 2019.

Keep up with the restoration at this web page. Even better, come for a tour and witness the transformation for yourself.

View the changes that took place January - June 2018.

The living room wall receives a first layer of paint
Floor stain is removed along the south side of the living room fireplace
A buffing machine with a steel wool floor pad removes the stain off the living room floor
Working on hardware and wood trim in the guest room on the main floor.
Repainting of the Billiard Room has commenced, beginning with the ceiling
Workers moisten the plaster after each application for at least 10 days
Scratches or textures are included in the layers of plaster
Art glass mockups being reviewed
After the plaster has fully dried, the inglenook’s original paint colors will be recreated on plaster
Robie House remains open for tours during restoration efforts by Bulley & Andrews, general contractor for the project
Coats of plaster are applied to the exterior wall of the inglenook skeleton frame
Workers applied plaster scratch coat to sides of the wooden inglenook skeleton frame
Paint remover is applied over the existing plaster in preparation for the removal of multiple layers of paint
A newly installed plexiglass divider allows visitors to see the restoration in progress during regular tours
Workers begin to apply plaster scratch coat
Non-original or unstable plaster is removed to expose the original wooden laths
The skeleton of the Robie House bench has been reintroduced
Preliminary paint palette samples
Control plaster panel with historic paint colors applied
Plaster sample detail, showing the aggregate that helps give Robie House walls their distinctive texture
The distinctive original globe lighting fixtures are cleaned and restored
The center panel is a control sample of wood trim with its original lung oil finish intact
Labeled wood trim and laylight grilles
Lighting fixtures are removed from the living room area for restoration
Robie House has three different lime putty plaster finishes
Label with tape
Hundreds of feet of wood trim are removed
leaded glass
Selected leaded glass windows are removed for restoration
The Robie House living room area is curtained off a restoration work begins