Bring architecture and design into your classroom with programs that ignite curiosity and nurture individual vision and design creativity. Classroom programs are instructed by Trust Educators, address STEAM and Common Core Standards, and are differentiated for student needs and grade levels.

Designing with Glass: The Art of Geometry  

Designing with Glass

Frank Lloyd Wright created incredible window designs inspired by the natural world around him. Wright’s windows, or light screens as he called them, feature geometric patterns made from clear and colored glass framed by bold metal lines. Grouped together in horizontal bands Wright’s windows flood the interiors with sunlight and open the building to the world of nature outside.

Transform your classroom with color and light as students explore geometry, color and pattern. In this 60 minute session, your students create unique designs inspired by Wright’s magnificent windows and examine the relationship between color and geometry in design. Finished artwork can be displayed on windows, walls, lockers, and doors.

Length: 60 minutes
Fee: $150

Building Blocks of Architecture: Froebel Design

Froebel blocks

As a young child, Frank Lloyd Wright was introduced to the Froebel® design method by his mother. Froebel’s system of geometric wooden blocks exposed Wright to concepts of symmetry, beauty, harmony, aesthetics, and structure. Through simple forms, Wright learned to see complex patterns that would become the building blocks of his visionary design philosophy.

Introduce your class to Froebel® blocks and the principles of design. Instructed by a Trust Museum Educator, students explore the Forms of Life and Forms of Beauty to unlock complex thinking strategies and think abstractly. After hands-on building and designing, students discuss the design process.

Froebel Design kits are also available to rent.

Length: 60 minutes
Fee: $150

Designing and Building: My New House

Designing and Building: My New House

Frank Lloyd Wright believed architecture should be suited to its environment and a product of its place, purpose and time. This unique philosophy was at the heart of Wright’s vision for modern American design.

Explore how the design of our homes shapes our lives today. Cultivate the next modern American way of living with your students as they imagine homes that make sustainability a part of daily life. Inspired by Wright’s innovative spirit and natural buildings, students survey a landscape and create designs that reflect their environment. Designs are modeled in 3-D with repurposed materials.

Length: 60 minutes
Fee: $150

Let’s Make Plans: Designing My Neighborhood and City

Let's Make Plans

As he began his career as a young architect in Chicago, Frank Lloyd Wright witnessed the rise of the modern American city. From its soaring early skyscrapers to the new technologies exhibited at the 1893 Columbian Exposition, Chicago offered indisputable proof of the forces shaping modern American life.

Engage your students in urban planning as they examine the different elements that make up their neighborhood and city. Students explore the careful balance between preservation, conservation, and development by designing Wright inspired buildings and creating a model neighborhood. This extended program includes 5 in-class workshop sessions and an onsite visit to the Home and Studio or RobieHouse. Models are created from repurposed materials.

Length: 6 session, 60 minutes per session
Fee: $900