Bring Frank Lloyd Wright and design to your classroom with the Trust’s rentable learning kits. Aligned with the Illinois State Learning Standards and developed for K – 12th grade students, the Kits include hands-on objects, ready-to-use worksheets, and design-based lesson plans.

Building Blocks of Architecture: Froebel® Design Kit


As a young child, Frank Lloyd Wright was introduced to the Froebel® design method by his mother. Froebel’s system of geometric wooden blocks exposed Wright to concepts of symmetry, beauty, harmony, aesthetics, and structure. Through simple forms, Wright learned to see complex patterns that would become the building blocks of his visionary design philosophy.

Introduce your class to Froebel® blocks and the principles of design. With this learning kit, students engage in the creative process, unlock complex thinking strategies, and think abstractly. After building Froebel’s Forms of Life and Forms of Beauty with wooden blocks, students design their own unique form and discuss its design. This learning kit includes 30 sets of Froebel® blocks, lesson materials, and a classroom poster of the Home and Studio for you to keep.

Fee: $60 per week (7 days) – In-state shipping is included, Learning Kits can be shipped out of state for an additional fee.

Froebel® is a registered trademark of Froebel USA.

Building Blocks of Architecture: Pentomino Design Kit


Uncover the unique shapes and forms that make up Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs with Pentominoes. With the Pentomino Design Kit, students are challenged to think critically and creatively as they use the 3-D puzzle pieces to construct buildings inspired by Wright’s Prairie-style masterpieces. This learning kit compliments the book, The Wright 3, and includes 30 sets of Pentominoes, lesson materials, and a poster of the Robie House for your classroom.

Fee: $60 per week (7 days) – In-state shipping is included. Learning Kits can be shipped out of state for an additional fee.