Arthur P. Johnson House

Date: 1905    
Address: 3459 South Shore Drive, Delavan, Wisconsin 53115
City: Lake Delavan, Delavan, Wisconsin
Accessibility: Private
Category: Residential

Like many of Wright’s lakeside residences, the Arthur P. Johnson house was designed with the scenic Lake Delavan waterfront in mind. Bands of leaded glass windows extend to the corners of the second story bedrooms of the house, while a large plate glass window in the vast first floor living room looks directly onto the water. A porch surrounds the living room on three of its sides and diagonal piers like those found at the Mary Adams house support the low, hipped roofs of the residence. The piers exaggerate the lateral thrust of the structure, as does the horizontally oriented tongue-and-groove siding. The Johnson residence, like the Hardy house, is characterized by an overriding sense of symmetry. A centrally located fireplace and wide stone chimney serve as its nucleus.

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