Chicago & Milwaukee Electric Railway Station


Chicago & Milwaukee Electric Railway Station

Date: 1911        
City: Glencoe, Illinois
Category: Utilitarian
Restoration Status: Demolished in the mid-1950s

Beginning in 1911, and working under commission from attorney Sherman Booth, Wright developed a scheme for a suburban community in Glencoe, Illinois. The project entailed the creation of both residential and public structures in a cohesive design vocabulary. Wright conceived of an ambitious plan for the growing community, involving the creation of a town hall, art gallery, residences, and urban infrastructure. The Chicago and Milwaukee Electric Railway Station, a stop along the newly created train line that connected downtown Chicago to the city’s northern suburbs and the city of Milwaukee, was among a handful of projects that were ultimately realized. The structure was small and simple. It featured a flat, cantilevered roof that extended beyond its supporting walls to shelter a train platform. An enclosed, heated room protected travelers from inclement weather. The structure was demolished after the railway was discontinued in the mid-1950s.

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