Edward C. Waller Bathing Pavilion


Edward C. Waller Bathing Pavilion

Date: 1909
Address: 12615 Pa Ba Shan Lane             
City: Charlevoix, Michigan
Accessibility: Private
Category: Recreational
Restoration Status: Burned in 1922 or 1923

Edward C. Waller, Wright’s friend and a real estate developer for whom the architect designed several projects, commissioned Wright to create a swimming pavilion on a vast 2,000-acre swath of property between Lake Michigan and Lake Charlevoix. Waller purchased the property after it had been cleared for lumber, and he reforested the land with pine trees. The bathing pavilion was situated on a dune with views of Lake Michigan. It was a single-story structure of board-and-batten construction and featured a generous terrace and living room with a large fireplace for entertaining. Exposed rafters under the structure’s hipped roof extended from the eaves, forming an angular pattern that was repeated in the windows found in bands along the periphery of the pavilion.

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