Park Shelter


Park Shelter

Date: 1911
City: Banff, Alberta, Canada
Category: Recreational
Restoration status: Demolished in 1938

The one-story recreational facility Wright designed in Alberta, Canada, was the result of a collaboration with Canadian architect Francis C. Sullivan. Wright conceived of the structure’s design while Sullivan prepared working drawings and oversaw its construction. The long, low-lying structure featured dark-stained board and batten siding and rough fieldstone that complemented the rocky mountain range in the surrounding landscape. It featured an expansive common room with exposed steel trusses and bordered by three fireplaces that evoked Wright’s 1906 River Forest Tennis Club. The fireplaces were surrounded in the same large, irregular fieldstones found on the structure’s exterior. The building terminated with a women’s retiring room on one end, and a men’s on the other. Windows with a chevron pattern illuminated the building’s interior and afforded views onto the athletic fields that surrounded the pavilion.

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