Scoville Park Fountain


Scoville Park Fountain

Date: 1903
Address: Oak Park Avenue and Lake Street
City: Oak Park, Illinois
Accessibility: Public
Restoration Status: Original demolished, replica installed in 1969

Designed as a public sculpture for Oak Park’s Scoville Park, the fountain, which is variously referred to as the Scoville Park Fountain and the Horse Show Fountain, was developed by Wright in collaboration with sculptor Richard Bock. Between 1903 and 1910, Bock worked almost exclusively for Wright in the stimulating environment of the Oak Park Studio. The sculptor’s creations enriched many of Wright’s most famous Prairie buildings, including the Heller House (1896), the Dana House (1902), the Larkin Administration Building (1903), the Darwin Martin House (1903), Unity Temple (1905-08), and Midway Gardens (1913).

The Scoville Park Fountain is composed of a series of rectilinear concrete slabs. Two vertical piers support a lintel incised with geometric patterns, and a square-shaped void marks the center of the architectonic monument. Over time, the structure suffered severe deterioration and was eventually demolished. In 1969, in commemoration of Wright’s 100th birthday, a replica was installed just east of the original site.

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