W. Irving Clark House


W. Irving Clark House

Date: 1892
Address: 211 S La Grange Road, La Grange, Illinois 60525
City: La Grange, Illinois
Accessibility: Private
Category: Residential
Restoration Status: Restored in the late 1980s

The W. Irving Clark house has been attributed to both Wright and E. Hill Turnock, another draftsman employed by Adler and Sullivan. The inclusion of the building plans in the Frank Lloyd Wright Archives at the Avery Library, Columbia University, suggests a possible collaboration between the two. The house features an inglenook with a tiled fireplace, typical of Wright’s early residences. The tall front gable of the house is punctuated in the center by a Palladian window, reminiscent of that found on the façade of Wright’s Oak Park home. A tall, thin chimney and dormers of differing sizes add variety to the roofline and give the structure a picturesque quality.

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