Member FAQs

How does my membership support the Trust’s mission?

Membership revenue provides unrestricted support for the Trust's education programs, and restoration and preservation projects that help renew Frank Lloyd Wright’s vision for future generations.

How can I reach the Membership Department?

Membership department staff can be reached at 312.994.4013 or 
from 9 am–5 pm Central Time, Monday–Friday.

How long does it typically take to receive my membership packet?

Your membership packet will arrive approximately four weeks after you place your order.

I am planning a visit in less than two weeks and would like to become a member. What should I do?

It is best to become a member of the Trust before your visit. You may not receive your membership card in the mail, however, you are immediately eligible for all your member benefits. You may join on our website or by calling the Membership Department. Once you are a member, you may make advance reservations for complimentary tours by calling our Ticket Sales Line at 312.994.4000 x1. The Guest Services Line is available for member reservations Monday – Friday, from 10 am to 3 pm CT.

Members may visit a museum site without a reservation the day they wish to tour, however, members are not guaranteed tour tickets, as tours may be sold out. If tickets are available, you will be placed on the next available tour. Advance reservations are recommended.

Do I receive reciprocal admission or benefits at other museums and historic sites?

Yes, all Trust members receive benefits of the Time Travelers Historical Museum Reciprocal Membership Program, which offers free or discounted admission to more than 250 history and house museums. Trust members at the Prairie level and above receive free or discounted admission to Wright-designed sites across the U.S. including Fallingwater, Taliesin West, and the Guggenheim Museum through the Frank Lloyd Wright National Reciprocal Sites Program.

Can I visit other Frank Lloyd Wright sites with my membership? Which sites can I visit?

Join the Trust at the Prairie level or above to participate in the Frank Lloyd Wright National Reciprocal Sites Membership Program, which offers free or discounted admission to Wright-designed sites across the U.S. including Fallingwater, Taliesin West, and the Guggenheim Museum. (Please select the link to view participating sites – Benefits vary by site and are subject to change.) Reciprocal members are advised to contact sites directly prior to their visit for tour and site information. A membership card must be presented to claim these benefits at reciprocal sites.

Can I upgrade my membership and receive free tours at other Wright-designed sites?

Yes, at any point in your membership you may upgrade to a higher level to receive more benefits. Members at the Prairie level and above receive benefits at Wright-designed sites across the U.S. through the Frank Lloyd Wright National Reciprocal Sites Program. Dues are prorated for the remaining term of your membership and applied to your upgrade. Contact Membership at 312.994.4013 with any upgrade requests or inquiries.

Why does the Trust need my email address?

Most of our event invitations and notices are sent via email to save printing and postage expenses as well as reduce the consumption of paper products. Please be sure to sign up with your email address and update it when necessary. Thank you!

What is the Membership Auto-renewal Program? 

You may select the option to have your membership renew automatically on an annual basis. The membership will be renewed on or around the last day of the month of your last membership transaction at the same membership level. Your credit card will be charged with an amount equal to the then-current price of the membership. Please note that this price may increase from year to year and will not include any discounts used to purchase the original membership. 

Valid for one-year memberships only. Not valid for gift membership. Benefits included in the membership may vary from year to year. 

This option of renewal is sincerely appreciated. It makes the best use of your dues, allowing more funds to be directed to restoration, preservation, and educational programs. 

You may cancel or alter your participation in the auto-renewal program at any time by contacting the Membership Department at 312.994.4013.

How do I receive my invitation to Wright Night?

Octagon members will be contacted through U.S. Mail four weeks prior to Wright Night regarding their invitation to this annual event. Wright Night is typically held at The Rookery on the first Thursday in December. Location and date subject to change

How do I receive my complimentary Wright Plus Tickets?

Skylight members will be contacted through U.S. Mail four weeks prior to the Wright Plus Housewalk regarding their (2) complimentary tickets.

Member Privileges and Conditions

Membership is for personal use only. Members are not to use their membership benefits for profitable gain. The Frank Lloyd Wright Trust reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant, and membership may be terminated at any time. Membership benefits may change without prior notice.